Leave a meaningful impact on the La Salle Middle School’s Rising Stars by volunteering!

Our volunteer program is always looking for helping hands. If you are a committed individual or member of a group who believes in De La Salle, Inc.’s mission to transform children and the community through innovative education, apply to be a volunteer. For more volunteer information, contact Jennifer Halliday at 314.531.9820 ext. 3002.

We are currently seeking volunteers for the following positions:

  • Mentors
  • Tutors
  • Quarterly Programs
  • Event Committee Members

To volunteer, you must complete all compliance requirements. If you are volunteering during normal school hours, between 8 and 3:30 p.m., you must complete a fingerprinting background check. To find a location for fingerprinting, visit www.machs.gov. If you are volunteering for one of our EnCompass classes, you must also fill out the Worker Registration Form and complete a fingerprinting background check.

For victims of sexual abuse, reports of abuse may be made to
Missouri Department of Social Services
Children’s Division Hotline Reporting Number

Volunteer Spotlight

Dave Costigan, better known as Dr. Dave to students and staff, has been a La Salle Middle School volunteer for two years. Dr. Dave is a retired physician, volunteering with La Salle from the IVC group (Ignatian Volunteer Corps), a Jesuit program designed for retired or semi-retired adults wanting to make a difference in their local community. Dr. Dave has made a major impact here at La Salle. He is always willing to help out any way he can. You can often find Dr. Dave tutoring in math classes, helping out in the library and in the main office, or just simply walking the halls gracing each student and staff member with a smile and maybe even a quick joke or two. Dr. Dave often mentions how coming to La Salle and working with our students continues to make him a better individual. What he doesn't know is that he impacts each one of our lives at the moment he walks through the doors. La Salle Middle School is grateful and blessed to have Dr. Dave here with us.


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