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Graduate Support Statistics

Our Graduate School Program assists our graduates and their families with applying to and affording high school; staying in high school and graduating; applying to and affording post-secondary education, and matriculating to college or formal job training. 98% of our alumni graduate from high school and over 80% go on to post-secondary education. Since 2001, we have successfully prepared our students to graduate from high school and pursue and complete post-secondary education.

We are proud of their accomplishments, including:

  • 98% of La Salle's students have graduated from high school in four years compared to only 72% of St. Louis Public School students and 73% of all African American students nationwide.
  • 86% of our high school graduates have been accepted to a post-secondary program or enlisted in the military. This compares to only 65% of St. Louis Public School graduates.
  • 86% of our graduates with post-secondary acceptance are still pursuing a degree or have graduated. This compares to 21% of low-income students nationwide that complete a Bachelor's degree.

Graduate Support

De La Salle's Graduate Support Program was launched in 2004, when our first class of eighth graders graduated and entered high school. Based on the success of this program - and the need to serve more low-income minority students at risk of not completing high school AND post-secondary education - we expanded the program by collaborating with other Catholic, urban middle schools in St. Louis. We now collaborate with Holy Trinity, Loyola Academy, Marian Middle School, St. Cecilia Academy, St. Louis the King School, and new this year, St. Louis Catholic Academy, for a total of seven partnering schools.

With generous support from the Daughters of Charity, De La Salle hired two Graduate Support Advisors to assist with the growing number of students in - and growing demand for - our program. With the support of these Advisors, in the first half of this project period the program served:

  • 130 6th - 8th grade La Salle Middle School students
  • 75 La Salle Middle alumni in high school, enroll in and complete post-secondary education
  • Approximately 140 alumni from six other St. Louis urban middle schools in high school

Our Program assists students with the acquisition of knowledge and skills that enable them to grow academically and socially/emotionally. Our program also assists students and their families by helping to provide the financial means to complete high school, enroll in and complete post-secondary education. The program includes activities for middle and high school students and high school graduates transitioning to post-secondary institutions.

Program and Events

Middle School - La Salle Middle Students
  • College Exposure Trips: these trips help set college-going expectations early, so students focus on academic achievement through middle and high school; trips are held annually during spring break.
  • Career Day: this helps students to connect college to career and helps connect De La Salle to the wider St. Louis community; we look forward to hosting during Spring 2018.
  • High School Readiness Class: this class prepares students for the academic rigors of high school and includes topics of time management and goal setting; our 27 8th graders are now taking this class.
  • Assistance with High School Choice: we encourage our students to select best-fit schools that appropriately challenge them academically and fit their financial needs; all our 8th graders applied to more than one school and are now awaiting their acceptances.
  • Tuition Assistance for Private High Schools: we are providing tuition assistance for 42 students to attend private Catholic high schools and 1 to attend a private non-sectarian school.
  • 8th Grade Individual Development Account (IDA) Program: this program teaches financial literacy and helps students develop a savings habit. De La Salle offers a match for student/family contributions, and the money saved can be used to pay for high school expenses or be rolled over into a College 529 savings plan.
  • Summer Programs: we connect our students to summer programs and offer financial assistance as summer programming is known to improve academic achievement throughout the year.
High School - alumni of collaborating middle schools
  • Academic Advising: we meet 1:1 with high school students multiple times throughout the year. With our graduate support program now fully staffed, we were able to meet with all high school students this November and December.
  • ACT Test Prep Class: this year to date we have held four classes, reaching 25 students; note that students who take the class improve their scores by an average of 2 points.
  • Summer Scholars Academy: this 5-day, 4-night residential college program focuses on applying for college and writing the college essay. Last summer, the Academy was held in June and 66 students participated.
  • College Visits: We plan to host college visits in Spring 2018 for graduates from collaborating middle schools. Colleges/universities will include Drury, McKendrie, Missouri State, Mizzou, SEMO, SIUE, SIU-Carbondale, Truman State, and UMKC.
  • Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) Workshops: this is part of our ongoing financial literacy training.
Post-Secondary Education - alumni of La Salle Middle School
  • Financial Literacy Training and Advising: includes 1:1 application advising, award letter assistance, FAFSA workshops, and assistance with completing the FAFSA.
  • College Registration Assistance: we help our high school graduates navigate this transition, as many are the first in their families to attend college.
  • Emotional Support: we send care packages twice during the school year and help our collegians stay connected to other college-going peers by hosting social events.

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