What We Do

La Salle Middle School and De La Salle, Inc. operate as two independent nonprofit organizations that partner with each other, along with our students, our graduates, and their families through middle school, high school, and post-secondary completion. We provide ongoing academic, social/emotional, and financial support for ten to twelve years, and our students work towards achieving their personal goals of graduating from college or completing a certificate program.

Our Goals

We are inspired by our LaSallian values to be an inclusive community that respects the dignity of all people. Love and respect-filled relationships are at the heart of our educational philosophy and inform our goals for our students:

  1. Maximize the academic growth of all students. 
  2. Assist alumni in graduating from high schools that can prepare each student for their personal path to success, including enrollment in 2- or 4-year college or formal job training. 
  3. Support development of the whole child so that students grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, and become lifelong learners. 

Our Approach

We believe that all children should have the same opportunity to succeed regardless of background or access to resources. This is why De La Salle, Inc. works with our families and students to break down any barriers to furthering our students' educational journey. 

Once a child enrolls in La Salle Middle School, they are eligible to receive a wide variety of invaluable support and services from De La Salle, Inc. 

These services include both in-school and after-school programming while enrolled in middle school, graduate support for high school students including:

  • ACT prep
  • College counseling
  • Homework support
  • Tuition assistance for students choosing to attend private, local high schools

De La Salle, Inc. provides funding that allows La Salle Middle School students to attend five college visits in St. Louis, Nashville, and Chicago. La Salle is the only school in the region that guarantees this number and quality of college visits for middle schoolers. These visits are critical to inspiring students to work hard throughout their high school experience in order to achieve their ideal college admission. 

Our Programs

The unique partnership between De La Salle Inc. and La Salle Middle School provides opportunities for a full continuum of services supporting students from middle school through college and career. 

School Day Enrichment - La Salle Middle School students receive daily enrichment classes through De La Salle's partnerships with various organizations in the St. Louis area. 

Graduate Support Services - De La Salle has a robust graduate support program that begins with La Salle Middle School students in 7th grade and continues through post-secondary. 

Social Services Support - Our families are supported through various resources such as utility bill assistance, college savings plan, academic coaching and counseling. 

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