Mission & Impact

Mission: Rooted in the Lasallian tradition of making a quality education accessible to all, we provide excellence in education and promote service, justice, care, inclusivity, community and zeal. We proudly proclaim, "I am somebody!".

Vision: Excellence in educational opportunity for all

Core Values: Care, Inclusivity, Community, Service, Justice, Zeal

  • 100% of La Salle students qualify for free or reduced cost lunch
  • 16% of our families have faced homelessness in 2015
  • 33% of our students have lost a family member to violence or incarceration

We are committed to our broader VISION of providing excellence in educational opportunity to more children living in St. Louis. Our students inspire us, our mission drives us, and our vision calls us to do more. 

Our History

A group of caring educators founded De La Salle as a private Catholic middle school in the Ville neighborhood of North St. Louis in 2001 that would transform lives and the community. With a great deal of zeal, love and mutual respect, students, families, teachers, staff, donors and friends worked together to prepare middle school students for academic success in high school and beyond. They were inspired by St. John Baptist de La Salle, a French priest and educational reformer who believed that education gave hope and opportunity for people to lead lives of dignity and freedom. La Salle's beliefs were radical in his day - and enlightened in ours.

Created in the format of the San Miguel (later Nativity-Miguel) Network of schools, De La Salle was committed to offering an extended school day and year, support into high school and beyond, and a loving partnership with families. As the number of students grew, De La Salle began to build out its programming and offer a multitude of "Renaissance" classes in which the students were able to explore new interests; De La Salle was living its mission of educating the whole child. As 2004 saw our first graduating class transition into high school, we continued to walk alongside our students with the creation of our graduate support program. By providing academic, social, emotional, and financial support to our graduates, De La Salle fostered long-term relationships, acting as older siblings in the spirit of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

In 2015, De La Salle opened a public charter school, La Salle Middle School, in order to leverage public funds to serve more children. De La Salle, Inc. and La Salle Middle School work together to serve 130 5th-8th grade students, and De La Salle, Inc.'s Graduate Support Program is helping 170 alumni in high school through college achieve their personal educational goals. Both organizations continue to be rooted in the LaSallian Charism, which emphasizes inclusion, respect for all people, social justice, the student-teacher relationship, and access to high-quality education.

2016 saw our move from the Ville neighborhood into our newly renovated facility on North Jefferson Ave. Informed by our core values of care, community, inclusivity, service, justice, and zeal, the new space allowed for an even greater expansion of enrichment courses and space for graduate advising, ACT prep classes, and family meeting spaces. As we continue into our fifth year of this collaboration, De La Salle, Inc. and La Salle Charter School look forward to continue meeting our students where they are and walking alongside them as they become their best selves.

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