EnCompass Programs

Our EnCompass Program is a comprehensive and multi-layered system of services, programs, and supports designed to ensure the long-term success of our students and graduates. Core programming delivered during school hours and after school programs include enrichment and exploratory activities (chess, robotics, swimming, and more) and faith exploration and formation (Bible study, world religions, service learning, and more). The program also includes wrap-around services, including physical and mental health, financial aid assistance and workshops.

Through the EnCompass Program, middle school students are prepared for the academic rigor of high school and college. In high school, EnCompass offers college visits, assistance with college applications and FAFSA forms, tutoring in various subjects and social events. Then, in post-secondary, students are sent care packages twice during the year, are invited back to La Salle Middle School to speak, mentor, volunteer, and provided with information and resources for summer jobs, intership opportunities, and networking. Through EnCompass, no student is ever left behind or forgotten. This is what truly sets this program apart.

We believe:

  • Parents are their children's primary educators.
  • Education is essential to a democratic society.
  • The development of a student's character is essential to educational excellence.
  • Schools are an integral part of the community.
  • In a safe and nurturing learning environment that maximizes individual potential.
  • In fostering creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Working together is beneficial to all.
  • Open communication is essential.
  • Learning is life-long.
  • Student engagement in the learning process can be fun as well as educational.
  • In providing educational opportunities that enable all students to reach their potential.
  • Respect and responsibility is the cornerstone to a strong education.
  • The engagement of all families are important to the success of our students.

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