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Welcome to the De La Salle Alumni Network. At La Salle Middle School, bonds don't end with graduation. Whether you graduated last year or 18 years,  alumni are 'Stars for Life,' and we invite you to stay connected.

The De La Salle alumni network, our Alumni Association, is over 200 strong. On this website, you can be an active and engaged member of the community, stay in touch and reconnect with your classmates, and keep up to date about alumni events.

If the EnCompass Graduate Support Office can be of any assistance to you, please don't hesitate to contact the Director of EnCompass, Tarri Strickland.


La Salle Middle School Alumni/Graduate Policy

For the safety and consideration of all our students – and in an effort to comply with La Salle Middle School guest policies ensuring the protection of children, faculty and staff, we kindly ask that all graduates observe the following regulations regarding school visitors.

Visitors who are unaccompanied (or not in route to or from the faculty or staff member to be visited) will be asked to leave the building.


For graduates wishing to tour the school:

●  Please contact the La Salle Middle School office and speak with Tarri Strickland to schedule your visit. This will enable us to personalize your visit and request that your favorite teachers or staff members be available during your visit (schedules permitting).

●  Visitors do not have permission to visit classrooms during the school day without administrative approval in advance of the visit.

●  During school hours, we require that you first visit the front office. All visitors must be accompanied by a member of the De La Salle, Inc. team; the front office will make every effort to locate a team member. If someone is available, they will meet you in the office, provide you with a visitor pass and happily guide you on your tour.

●  If no one is available at the time of your visit, please contact Tarri Strickland at your earliest convenience to schedule a personalized visit at a later time.


For graduates wishing to visit a teacher or staff member:

●  We kindly ask that you contact the teacher or staff member to schedule a mutually convenient time to visit. You can find all of our teacher and staff member email addresses on our website.

●  Once you schedule your visit, the teacher/staff will let the front office know they are expecting you. The teacher/staff will accompany you during your visit.

●  As with the school tour policy, you will be given a visitor pass and asked to sign in, and sign out when you return your visitor pass.


For graduate programming:

●  Please RSVP for your scheduled event and visit the front office to check in.You will be given a visitor pass and asked to sign in, and sign out when you return your visitor pass.

●  A staff member will escort you to the meeting room and accompany you during your visit.

●  Enter and leave the building as quietly as possible.

●  Do not converse with the students, teacher and/or instructional aides during the visitation.

●  Do not interfere with any school activity during the visitation.

●  Do not disrupt or cause disorder to any class, office, or school activities.


For Graduate Support Lounge:

●  We ask that all visitors to the graduate support lounge follow the same visitor policy, whether they are going to the Encompass office or the graduate Support Lounge.

●  Make an appointment directly with a graduate support advisor. Unfortunately, we cannot accept walk­-in appointments to study in the graduate lounge.

●  Upon arrival at La Salle Middle School, all visitors must sign in at that main office and wait for a office worker to assist.

●  After signing in, please notify the clerk or office worker that you have an appointment with a graduate support advisor. They will call them or an available staff member to escort you to the lounge for your appointment.

●  Please keep in mind that staff members have been instructed not to allow any walk­ups to enter the lounge. All visitors must have an appointment and proceed to the main office.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Any individual who disrupts a school activity or fails to follow school rules and/or procedures is subject to removal from the school and may be further restricted from visiting the school.

The building staff has the authority to exclude from the school premises any person who disrupts or who appears likely to become a disruption to the educational program. Any such individual shall be directed to leave the school premises immediately and law enforcement authorities shall be called if necessary.

All visitors are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of courtesy and conduct; disruptive behavior will not be permitted.

We wish to make your La Salle Middle School visit a meaningful and personal one. For more information, please contact the EnCompass Office via (314) 531­9820 or email

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