About De La Salle, Inc.

De La Salle, Inc. is a non-profit dedicated to supporting La Salle Middle School and enhancing the educational experience of its students. La Salle Middle School is a public charter school located at 1106 N. Jefferson in North St. Louis City.

De La Salle, Inc. provides both programming and facilities to La Salle Middle School. Social services such as counseling and health screenings, classes like art, faith formation and music, and a comprehensive graduate support program featuring ACT/SAT prep classes, college visits and tuition assistance, are all provided to La Salle students free of charge. De La Salle, Inc also works to provide students at La Salle with modern, safe and convenient facilities for them to best learn.

Rooted in the Lasallian tradition of making a quality education accessible to all, we provide excellence in education, promote service, justice, care, inclusivity, community, and zeal. We proudly proclaim, “I am somebody!”

  • 97% of La Salle's students have graduated from high school in four years compared to only 72% of St. Louis Public School students and 73% of all African American students nationwide.
  • 86% of our high school graduates have been accepted to a post-secondary program or enlisted in the military. This compares to only 62% of St. Louis Public School graduates.
  • 94% of our graduates with post-secondary acceptance are still pursuing a degree or have graduated.

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