2021 Catch a Rising Star Virtual Gala

Saturday, June 12, at 6pm


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This Year Our Students Have Taken Over The Gala!
 The need of our students, graduates and their families for De La Salle's services is as important as ever, even as the impact of COVID-19 is still with us. Yet we all can feel our hopes growing for an end of these difficult times, with the promise of a more normal life.
But for the present, health and safety requires that we plan our annual Catch a Rising Star Gala to be a virtual event, as last year's very successful gala was.
To make this year's event even more engaging, fun and informative, our students and graduates are stepping in to run the entire event! Our all-youth gala will be a first, as they share their own stories, experiences and dreams. No one has a better vantage to discuss the work of De La Salle in their educations and lives, and to reach out to the community that we're all a part of.

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