De La Salle Incorporated

A Tradition of Excellence

De La Salle Inc. is a non-profit dedicated to supporting La Salle Middle School and enhancing the educational experience of its students. De La Salle Inc. provides social services, comprehensive graduate support, and safe and convenient facilities for La Salle students – free of charge.

La Salle Middle School

De La Salle Inc. works in partnership with La Salle Middle School to prepare our students for lives of significance and service to others. Through a highly individualized approach, we work with each student and their family to identify and reach their personal educational goals. At our school, you’ll often hear the words, “I Am Somebody”.

La Salle Middle School

Our Values

Inspired by the teaching of St. John Baptist de La Salle, our work serves our larger vision of excellence in educational opportunity for all children. Rooted in the Lasallian tradition of making a quality education accessible to all, we provide excellence in education as well as promote service, justice, care, inclusivity, community and zeal.

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EnCompass Program

Encompass is a comprehensive and multi-layered system of services, programs, and supports designed to ensure long-term success for students and graduates of La Salle Middle School.

Students are given the opportunity to participate in programs that promote wellness, social justice, exploration, life skills and cultural learning.

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